Year 1

Google classroom:
You can access the work for your class on google classroom. You can get to the class stream to see the latest updates by using this link: 

A live lesson can be joined using the link below, or by pressing 'Meet' next to the class stream:

Class code

Your google log ins are in your red homework book, or in the blue home learning book. 
It is the email ending
Activities/Useful links
READING  USE YOUTUBE to find books
If your child wants to keep reading AR books and quizzing. I have pasted some links for you to find new books online, check the level of the book and quiz!
Checking the AR level
Use  to search and check the AR level of the book you like.
For example if your child is reading 1.2 level at the moment you want to find a book that says BL:1.2 (Book Level).
Search for an e book on YOUTUBE 
has lots of books and quicker way to search. Make sure children can see the words as some videos will just have pictures.
With the sound muted it is just like an e book. You can pause the videos to allow children time to read as some of them go quite quick! 
Sound on allows children to hear the book read to them. 
This is an example of a 1.2 book Fat Cat on a Mat by Russel Punter
After reading the book afew times and it being read to them quiz using below link  -  (
If your childs quiz score is less than 4/5 they may need more time reading that book or maybe they need support when doing their quiz.
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