Chilton CP School Ethos, Vision & Aims

School Ethos, Vision & Aims


Our ethos of "Respect, Believe, Achieve" is woven throughout our school and forms an expectation for pupils, staff and parents when approaching pupils' learning.


Our School Vision

Our vision for Chilton Community Primary School is to provide every child with a first class education and to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to succeed. As a small school we pride ourselves on getting to know every child and their family so we can ensure we meet every child's needs. Our curriculum is designed to give all pupils a wealth of opportunities to be successful, whether through the arts, sport or more traditional subject areas. Pupils attending Chilton Community Primary School will be given the tools to be successful learners in secondary school and to develop into happy, successful and responsible citizens.


Our School Aims

To develop strong, positive relationships  between fellow pupils, staff, parents, carers and the wider community to ensure pupils can make the most of the learning opportunities.

To instil within children and staff a culture of high expectations around children’s outcomes and behaviour, regardless of their background.

To ensure the school does all it can to provide the best possible conditions to allow children to achieve success.

To provide an environment where children feel safe, happy and secure.

To provide experiences which broaden children’s horizons.

To prepare pupils for the next stage of their education and adult life.

To work in partnership with parents/carers, governors and other professionals.

To develop in each child confidence and a positive self-image.


“The head teacher provides strong leadership, ably supported by the deputy, the leadership team and the governors. (They) have established a culture of high expectations. Staff and pupils rise well to this challenge, which is reflected throughout the work of the school.

OFSTED December 2017