Year 5

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You can access the work for your class on google classroom. You can get there by using this link:
You then your google login which is you email ending with and your password. These have been sent out separately and are also stuck in your homework book.
The class code for joining live lessons is:
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If you have any queries regarding home learning we have three adults in our class for Spring term and you can email us below, please do not ring the office, if you email us one of us will phone you at our next available moment:
Miss Millington: 
Mrs Smith
Miss Illman
Welcome to the Year 5 class page!
Suffolk Library: Apply for a library card here:
You can use this to read and quiz.
Year 5 WOW work wb. 11.01.21
WOW work for wb 18.01.21
Year 5 have done a lot of learning about The Highwayman, they are now writing their own stories! Below are some of the openings that really impressed me! Please flick through the album they have worked so hard!
Year 5 have started reading a new text called Wonder about a boy with a deformity starting middle school. These diary entries explore the worries he would have prior to his first day!
Lockdown did not get in the way of Art week at Chilton! We learnt about Andy Goldsworthy and we created sculptures just like him!
Thank you for coming to look at our Year 5 WOW work of the week! The work below is WOW work from the start of the week beginning 11.01.21
This has all been completed at home! Scroll through the albums to see what we have been up to!
Remember, if you would like to be on the WOW wall the more work you send the higher the chance of making it!
Year 5 Resources
These are the words children are expected to be able to spell by the time they leave Years 5 and 6:
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