Year 4 Safe Cycling

15th May 2015
Year 4 Safe Cycling
On Monday and Tuesday afternoon PCSO Harvey came to our school and taught us about Safe Cycling. We all had to come with our bicycles in good working order and a helmet.
First of all he told us all about how to maintain our bikes and what to look for to make sure our bikes are safe before we get on them and ride them. It was a lot to remember! Make sure your brakes are working, your helmet is on properly (you should be able to get three fingers between your chin and the strap), your chain shouldn’t be rusty and your wheel should be straight with your handle bars. You should have a red reflector at the back of your bike so that you can be seen. We knew if our bicycles were the right height for us if we could sit on the seat and our feet were on tiptoes.
A road was set up with cones for us to practise on the playground. We were told to cycle a handlebar width from the side of the road. First of all we practised a ‘safe start’ and ‘life saver look’ to make sure we know we know what is around us before moving safely or changing direction. We were taught how to make a left and right turn in the road and how to overtake parked vehicles safely.
It was hard work and we needed to look, listen and concentrate all the time. It all took a lot of practise, but we got a lot more confident the more we cycled around the course and by the time we finished the sessions with PCSO Harvey we were all much better at riding our bikes and understanding what we need to do to stay safe whilst out on our bikes.