Year 2 Onehouse Woods

23rd February 2015
Key stage 1 Visit Northfield Woods Pupils from Panda and Giraffe Classes spent a crisp morning exploring Northfield Woods in Onehouse as part of their learning in theme this term.
The children were able to identify plants and animals that grow and live in a UK forest and compare it to what they had found out about Rain forests. Mini-beasts, rabbits and alien looking fungus were just some of the wildlife discovered.
They also found out that animals such as jaguars and sloths are not native to the UK. However, there was lots of evidence that moles, rabbits and deer lived in the forest as the children spotted mole hills, rabbit droppings and deer prints in the mud. Looking through the leaf litter, Giraffe Class pupils identified several types of trees including: oak, beech, birch, sycamore and fir.
“I found a tree that was 23 years old,” said Mercy “As we counted the rings on its stump”.
Pupils ended the trip by leaving behind a starry scene on the ground made of fallen twigs.