Year 2

Good afternoon year 2, 
This will be my last email of the school year. I hope you all have a brilliant 6 weeks break and well done for all the learning you've done from home since March! 
In maths tomorrow, you will be completing your final NRICH activity. This one is called 'Noah' it is about how many legs different animals have and making totals. 
Maths tomorrow:
In English, you will writing a recount. 
English tomorrow: 
Well done this week to Oscar, Finley and Jack who have all made it onto either the accelerated reader or TTrockstar leaderboard! Have a look where you placed:
Best of luck in year 3! 
Miss Guiler 
Hi year 2, 
It's been lovely talking to lots of you on the phone today! I will be continuing my phone calls tomorrow for those of you who didn't receive their call today.
In maths tomorrow, you will be doing a new NRICH task, this one is called 'Eggs in baskets'. 
In English, you will be mapping and planning a recount. 
Please email if you have any questions, 
Miss Guiler 
Hello year 2, 
I hope you're having a great week! 
In maths tomorrow, you will be doing a new NRICH task. This one is called 'hands and feet'.
Maths tomorrow:
In English, you will be identifying and using fronted adverbials.  
Thank you, 
Miss Guiler
Good afternoon year 2 families, 
I hope you are all well. 
In maths tomorrow, you will be starting your first NRICH task. It's called 'two dice'. It's about addition and working systematically. 
Maths tomorrow:
In English, you will be retrieving information. 
Any questions, please let me know.
Miss Guiler 
Good evening year 2, 
I hope that you've had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun! This will be the last week of learning, as it will be the summer holiday. I will also remind you again that I will be doing my 'goodbye' phone calls this week too. 
I have attached the timetable for this week and the last powermaths powerpoint for tomorrow. The powermaths tomorrow is the last end of unit check, which will complete the book. For the rest of the week, you will be doing NRICH activities in maths. 
English tomorrow: 
The new topic for the week is 'end of year/transition' activities. There are 3 to do over the week. 
Any questions, please let me know,
Miss Guiler 

Hello families of year 2,

I hope that you all are keeping well!

This first email is an outline to what I will be sending and posting onto the school website. We want to keep the children happy and engaged with their learning.

Once a week, I will send out the timetable for maths and English. I will also discuss allotted reading time, TT rockstars and other activities for the children to do. I will send through potential topic learning and other fun activities; however, Mr Hemmings will be setting a whole school topic too.  

Powermaths is set out in the same order each day: power up, discover, share, think together (all found on the PowerPoint emailed out each day) and then the activities in the books.

Every day, I will send out the answers to the different activities set, both for power maths and reading comprehension questions.

Finally, here are a few ideas for websites and activities:
Joe Wicks morning workout (9:00am each morning)
Youtube for Cosmic yoga or drawsocute
TWINKL - The code needed is UKTWINKLHELPS
NumBots (same log in as TTrockstars):
Topmarks for maths games:

If anyone has any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email me through eschools.

Many thanks,

Miss Guiler