Sports council

Sports Council representatives have been voted by members of their class and meet regularly to make sure that sports and PE are active, fun and filled with learning.
Recently, Sports Council have listened to the views of the children in the school and acted on the suggestions made. Sports Council found out that most children really enjoy PE and look forward to lessons; some children wanted to play football more often, so Mrs Sheeran arranged for a team to take part in a football competition, she has also asked for teachers to plan to teach football more often in school. There have also been more opportunities for football at lunchtime planned, the Council thought of rules to make sure that games were fair.
During lunchtime, Sports Council have planned for Year 6 Play Leaders to lead lunchtime clubs and activities. The Sports Council are reviewing which clubs have worked well and which will be changed during the year.
Last year, Sports Council helped Mrs Sheeran tidy the sports equipment and have been given the task of helping the adults to keep the equipment tidy! Part of this role has involved the children helping to choose new equipment.
The Play Leaders
PE lessons and competitions