School Council

 Our School Council

We have a thriving School Council at Chilton with each class being represented at regular meetings.  The children, who are voted for by their class colleagues, take their roles extremely seriously.  They ask their class for suggestions relating to improvements in school, discuss these suggestions at School Council meetings and then report back to their class on the outcomes (see below for what is being talked about).

 The following children have been chosen to be School Council 2015-16 members by their classmates:

Josh, Amy, Charlie, Poppy, Millie, Courtney, Hayden, Gracie, Owen, Alfie, Ryan and Maisy.
Recent News
School Council have asked the views and opinions of all children in the school; they looked at the information and shared this during an assembly. School Council found out that: the majority of children enjoy school and that it is a friendly place to learn; adults in the school are helpful; marking helps children to feel proud. In the next meeting, School Council will write an action plan with Mrs Carr to improve the areas children have highlighted.
On 13.11.15 School Council have arranged for children to dress up as a hero and make a donation.
Children in Need assembly