Quiz Competition

4th March 2015
On Wednesday 4th March it was the annual area heats of Quiz Club and the children were full of excitement and anticipation. Presenting the school was Caitlyn, Ryan, George, Poppy, Alife and Dolcie and the teams included two children from Stowmarket Middle.
The quiz started at 1:40 and straight from the start the Oaks Primary school was in the lead, our teams were doing well, but often answered strategically because they were unsure of the answer. This was a brilliant idea, but meant we did not score full marks. After a slow start Chilton 1 started to catch up and soon went into the lead. The whole of the competition was close and intense, so we were very aware that the other schools were hot on our heels.
The competition consisted of 40 questions; we were in the lead until question 38! On question 39 we were unsure of the answer so scored no points. Unfortunately Whatfield Primary school ceased the chance to take the lead and after question 40 they had won!Chilton 2 also put up an impressive fight and continually working as a team and strategically playing. They were always smiling, keen and persevered.
We are now waiting in anticipation to see whether we will take part in the next round as our score was so good as runner up. We wait to hear now whether we will asked back for the East Anglia next round.
Well done to all those involved.