School Council

 Our School Council

We have a thriving School Council at Chilton, with each class being represented at regular meetings.  The children, who are voted for by their class, take their roles extremely seriously.  They ask their class for suggestions relating to improvements in school, discuss these suggestions at School Council meetings and then report back to their class on the outcomes.



The School Council met and decided who would be the school council chairpersons. Mercy and Patrick put their names forward to lead the meetings and all the school council agreed to this.



The children were asked to think what they would like to spend the Sports for School vouchers on, as lots were collected in the summer term. As a school we were awarded third prize and received a voucher of £2000 to spend.

The school council were really keen to send the money on equipment needed for lunch time and P.E lessons.

 This is what they chose and so many items have already been purchased.

Basketball posts

Skipping ropes

Hockey balls and pucks

Hockey sticks


The basketball posts have been greatly received by the children and are used every play/lunch time by children.



The school council met to discuss their favourite book characters. These are going to be put on the Reward Bookmarks Miss Guiler is going to make for the Accelerated Reading programme. The children loved discussing this and all the children took part sharing characters such as Harry Potter, The Gruffalo, Cat in the Hat and Alice in Wonderland.



The book marks are now ready and the children will see their ideas when they have achieved a full flower. So let’s all get reading!