School Council

 Our School Council

We have a thriving School Council at Chilton, with each class being represented at regular meetings.  The children, who are voted for by their class, take their roles extremely seriously.  They ask their class for suggestions relating to improvements in school, discuss these suggestions at School Council meetings and then report back to their class on the outcomes.

Recent News
Children looked at the new books they had chosen for the school library. The School Council decided they would like to purchase a trophy to award to the classes arriving to assembly on time and following the school rules. 
School Council met and chose books for the school library, they also discussed how "Friends" money could be used to buy a canopy to create shade in the playground.
1st meeting
School Council members have been elected by classes and children have been chosen to lead the meetings.
The school council have recently thought of possible rewards for winning the attendance trophy. Ideas have been given to Mr Hemmings and the children are waiting to hear the response at the next meeting.