Chilton Community Primary School is a member of the Gipping Valley Alliance. The aims of this alliance is to provide strategic, system-led leadership across the Alliance and beyond resulting in the robust and sustainable progress of all groups of learners through high-quality provision and delivery.

The principles which underpin this aim are:

- Recognition of existing strengths, interests and developments

- Respect for uniqueness and differing contexts

- Confidentiality and trust between all partners

- A willingness to embrace innovation and take risks in the interests of young people

- A commitment to coporate accountability and responsibility


Previous to this, Chilton Community Primary School was a member of the Gipping Valley Partnership of schools; the partnership was first formed in March 2007 and ran until 2015. 

Current projects include an Able Writers Programme, Teaching Assistant Training and Promotion of Feedback to children about their learning.

Chilton Community Primary School belongs to the Gipping Valley and Thurston Sports Partnership and works closely with Stowmarket High School to enhance sporting opportunities for our children.