Our new pond

20th October 2014
Over the summer holidays Mr Perez (one of our school Governors) and his team built a new pond for Chilton CP School in our wildlife area. We are already seeing how this is becoming established and is helping to develop our outside learning.

Report from the School Council

On Monday 20th October Mr Perez came into our school and visited the school council. Mr Perez led the school council to the front field and into the wildlife garden. He showed us the pond him and his team had built for us. Some of us put some plants in the pond all ready for the wildlife that lives under water. After we all saw the pond, school council had a discussiuon about what to put in the wildlife area and if we wanted or needed to add anything in the pond.    By Jenna Rose

If you have any suggestions of what we can add please let your school council member know.

We would like to thank Mr Perez and his team for their hard work and look forward to sharing further with them in the future.