Ofsted Report

This is an extract from the 2012 Ofsted report.

This is a good school.  The school has made good improvements to the quality of education since its last inspection.  Consequently pupils make good progress and achieve well including in English and mathematics.  The Nursery is outstanding because activities are very carefully developed to stimulate children's interest and curiousity.  The school provides varied and interesting learning experiences which benefit pupils' personal development.  Hence, pupils enjoy their time at school.  Pupils behave well around the school including during play times.  During lesson times, the school is calm and the atmosphere in classes is businesslike. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe, they feel safe and are safe at school.

The Ofsted report, which can be accessed under Recent letters is also available from the Ofsted site and can be obtained by clicking the link below.


The recommendations contained in the report drive the key priorities in our School Improvement Plan.