Year 5s Whitwell Hall Residential Trip 2015

12th October 2015
Our Year 5 children experienced a few days away from home on yet another successful residential trip to Whitwell Hall. 
Please read the following comments from our Year 5 children about their exciting stay at Whitwell Hall in September:
'A couple of weeks ago me and my class went to a breath-taking hall in a wood. The coach trip was very boring, but entertaining at the same time. When we arrived we did a fire drill, after we did archery, canoeing, pottery and den building. Our favourite part was the canoeing.
By George and Kaci
When we arrived we got instructed to put our suitcases in our rooms and come back downstairs. We then sat in the green room while John (the boss) told us the rules and the activities we were doing first. First team 2 done team building, while team 1 was shelter building; we then switched. In team building we learnt to trust each other by playing team games. In shelter building you had to build a shelter that kept you dry when John threw cold water over us.
Our favourite thing was archery. We shot real arrows - it was awesome! Then we had free time before going to bed. Then the next day we did canoeing and archery. It was wicked! After we had dinner we had free time, then bed. The day after that was our last day. We did pond dipping and pottery then left to go back home. It was an epic trip!!!
By Logan and Charlie C
My favourite part of Whitwell was when we went for a bonfire because it was Cerys’ birthday because we had chocolate cake. After the bonfire we got changed for bed and went into the family room then Bailey came in and said “anybody want some cranberry juice?”
On the first day we did shelter building. I teamed up with Alfie, Davey and Charlie C. On the last day we did pond dipping. I was with Jessie and we caught a huge crayfish it had a floppy tail. After we went to the deeper end of the river and caught some small things, like a hair worm and a small crayfish. It was really fun.
I would definitely recommend it to other people and kids because it’s so fun and when you do canoeing just jump in the river.
By Oliver
At Whitwell we did lots of fun activities. For example we did canoeing, archery, pond dipping and lots more. My favourite thing at Whitwell was probably the free time plus canoeing because free time you just get to run around and do whatever, also with canoeing you plays all these fun games in your canoe.
I learnt that working together is more important than working alone, plus you get more done and I learnt how to canoe and do archery too. I would definitely recommend this to others so if you have a chance to go don’t hesitate just go and have fun because it’s an experience you will never forget.
By Poppy and Alfie
If you ever go to Whitwell just try and take part in every exiting activity because trust me you won’t want to miss it! Our favourite activity was canoeing because we got soaked and it was hilarious!
When we went to Whitwell hall we learnt how to stay away from our adults and to do stuff by our self’s. On the first day we did team building and we played. On the second day we done archery and canoeing, also on the last day did pond dipping and pottery which all of it was really fun!'
By Jenna Rose and Ryan