Chilton Primary School Nursery

We are proud to be the only school in Stowmarket to have a dedicated nursery class attached to the school.

The children can attend the nursery once they are three years old.the school employs a nursery teacher, nursery nurse and other adults with the expected qualifications.

The nursery is purpose built and has amazing facilities that allow all pupils to become independent learners, selecting areas of interest to explore and develop.

All our staff are highly skilled at developing an enquiry based currculum that allows each child to respond at their own level guiding them through careful questioning to think deeply and therefore make rapid progress.

We are proud that every child who leaves our nursery is school ready and has the expected learning behaviours required to continue their learning journey.

Please come and visit us and make sure you have your child s name down on our waiting list as soon as possible.

Keep watching this space for photos and articles about the Nursery.