Schoool Council get busy

21st November 2014

School Council Learning Walk


School Council looked in classrooms during learning time to see whether the lessons are interesting, if children were showing good behaviour and if the classrooms are a nice place to learn.

Year One

There was information on the wall to help you with your writing. It was in the right order.


The lines on the carpet helped children know where to sit.


All children were listening and concentrating on their teacher.


The children were well behaved

Year Two

The children carried on learning when we went in.


The children working in groups were listening.


Children could choose which sums they could do.

Year Three

There was lots of information on the walls to help children with their learning.


The children were well behaved.


Words to help children with spellings were on the walls.

Year Four

The photographs on the wall looked nice.


The display with leaves on looked good.


The children were well behaved and were concentrating

Year Five

The children were working together and there were things to help on the whiteboard


The questions on the walls were useful to help with learning


We liked the posters on the walls


The times tables test was marked in a fun way


Things we would like to improve

There were some children not doing the right things and this needs to stop because it stops them from learning.


Somebody was crying because they had been hurt, so we need to make sure we keep our hands and feet to ourselves.





School Council Assembly

Jenna Rose: We chose to listen to The Script and Will i AM Hall of Fame because the song makes us want to be the best we can be and work hard.

Alfie: In each class there will be a feelings chart. We have decided to make a feelings chart for each class because some children asked for one. Children wanted all adults and children in the classroom to know how they felt. We want everyone to be able to help anyone who needs cheering up. The chart will have different faces on and you will be able to move your name next to the face to show how you feel. You won’t be able to move faces during teaching time because we don’t want to stop learning.

Oliver: We need the chart so that if someone is sad we can try to help them.

Lewis: We have some important messages.

Please don’t ride scooters or bikes on the playground or in the alleyway because they have been causing accidents.

Roman: We need to read at home every day to help us learn more.

Dulcie: Thank you for listening to our School Council assembly, if you would like to ask more questions please speak to your School Council representative.