Lullaby workshops

14th October 2014
We are very lucky at Chilton Nursery because a special visitor came to visit us. Claire from Lullaby Workshops came to our nursery to teach us some new songs.

 The first week Claire came in she told us that she lives in a forest and her friends had been turned into animals. We had to sing the song ‘stir the magic pot’ with Claire which helped to turn her friends back.

One song that we really liked was called ‘sleeping numbers.’ We had to say the number name but not for number three because it was asleep. One, two, shhhh, four, one, two, shhhhh, four. Eventually number three woke up because it heard our beautiful singing.

We also made a new friend called Freddie by singing ‘hello Freddie hello, hello Freddie hello.’ We had lots of fun making different sounds with Freddie the frog. 

On the last week Claire bought some more musician friends from the forest with her. Unfortunately their instruments were stuck on their head so we had to pull them off using imaginary rope. We had to listen very carefully to pull the rope in time with the music, sometimes it went slow and sometimes it when fast.


 We learnt the names of the instruments and the musicians showed us how they are played.

We have had lots of fun with Claire from the Lullaby Workshops, lots of us have gone home singing the songs!