Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior Road Safety Officers play an important role within the school. Children in Year 5 were shown the job description and had the opportunity to fill out an application form and take part in job interviews (held by JRSOs from the previous year). The children who were chosen are currently being mentored by the JRSOs from the previous year.
JRSO News: "We are the Junior Road Safety Officers for our school. Our job is to highlight road safety to Chilton Children and to notice areas in the school grounds that could be unsafe for children and cause accidents. Our first job in January was to bring to everyone’s attention the importance of walking on the path around the car park and not across the car park! We organised a poster competition for everyone to design a poster to remind all pupils and adults to say safe on the paths! Congratulations to all our winners! Last week we were out at the gate to observe where people were parking around the school and if they were observing the signs. We want to keep our children safe as they arrive at school. Unfortunately, we noticed that there were cars parking on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school (which is against the law) and there was one car that blocked the entrance for 15 minutes! This is dangerous for our pupils arriving and leaving school and in case of an emergency the access to school would be blocked (There were still adults walking across the car park too!). Please think safety around our school!" Alfie Wright, Ellie Mark, Isobel Sayer