Sports Day 2016

24th June 2016
Pupils enjoyed a day of sporting activity on a suprisingly warm and dry summer day. Family groups worked together to represent their chosen Olympic country - we had England, United States of America, Australia and Canada represented. We began with an opening ceremony with each of our Olympic team familes, dressed in team colours, singing their national anthems. Well done for a fabulous opening. The morning continued with lots of activities and Mrs Sheeran awarded all the children who had competed for the school with celebratory medals and certificates. The afternoon saw a field of spectators cheering the children on in the highly competitive track races. See our Chilton Gallery for more photos of the day.
Once all the points had been collated we had our winning team. Mrs Bennett presented the torch and trophy to America, Chestnut family who gave the crowd another performance of Star spangled banner before a celebratory run up and down the track.
Well done to every child who took part in a very successful day!