Chilton's Junior Road Safety Officers win a Gold Award!

30th June 2015
JRSO Award Ceremony
On Friday 26th June, we were invited to Endeavour House in Ipswich for a JRSO award ceremony. We were hoping to win an award for the work we have done this year. We had sent our scrap book in to be looked at a few weeks ago so they knew about the work we have been doing.
Endeavour House is the Suffolk County Council Offices where lots of decisions are made and it is there that we saw the main offices for the fire, police as well as school. It is a glass building, very light and has four floors. When you stand on the ground floor you can see the top. It is very hot! After the award ceremony we had a tour of the building and went up in a glass lift!
We were shown in to a room after signing in and received name badges. We had our lunch watching slides of pages of all the JRSOs scrap books – including ours! There was a big JRSO cake too – it was delicious.
Then we went into the Council Chambers where lots of decisions about the county are made. We had a ‘question and answer session’ first of all with a panel of ‘experts’ about road safety matters.
Our question was chosen to be asked! We asked ‘What are the rules about riding bicycles and scooters on the pavements?’ The answer caused a bit of a disagreement amongst the panel, but the JRSO who was one of our experts told us that it was in fact against the law unless there was a cycle path alongside the pedestrian pavement BUT his boss told him to use his discretion! If people ride sensibly and use their common sense on pavements that is fine, but if they are silly and put other people in danger then they will be told off!
Then it was time for the awards to be given out. We are very proud, because we have received a GOLD AWARD for the work we have done this year! We were called out to receive our awards and had our photographs taken. We couldn’t wait to get back to school to tell everyone the good news!
Our work isn’t finished yet……………..!