Recycling and reusing

12th January 2015

Leopard topic learning has been all about the 3Rs, Reducing, Recycling and Reusing our waste. It started with our classroom being turned into a rubbish dump! Our challenge was to sort the rubbish quickly and effectively. Once sorted, we learnt how to dispose of the waste without damaging our environment. Questions we asked ourselves...

What do we already know? What do we want to find out about and how will we do this?

We carried out research, looking at books, websites and explanation texts. Learnt note taking skills and compiled a large amount of information.

Using all this information about waste, rubbish and 3Rs, we rose to the challenge and produced some persuasive information leaflets. We went on to make interesting explanation posters about recycled plastic, glass and paper.

A shanty town quickly grew up on the edge of the classroom, reminding of us of how many people have to live on or near waste tips and create housing from very few materials.