Ipswich Gymnastics Centre

9th June 2016
Leopard Class visited Ipswich Gymnastics Centre on Wednesday 8th June.  The whole class enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities and learned some new skills.  Every one was very tired but smiling and happy when they returned to school.
Leopard Class Reports
The Gymnastics Centre was much better that we expected, we had some snack and a drink.  After that we went in!  First we could jump in the foam pit and it was very hard to get out, then we split into our groups and there is two activities - Spring board and jump in the foam pit and balance on a high board and jump in the foam pit.
- Lexie
We went inside and got divided into two groups.  First of all my group went onto the beams.  We did activities such as spins and we jumped into the soft cube pit.  The second activity we took part in hopscotch and then we used the springboard.  We were then allowed to have free time in the gym.  My favourite part of the day was free time and the beams.  I really enjoyed going to the gym and would like to go again.
- Mercedes
First we went on the coach to Piper's Vale and we sang some songs and that was fun.  We had snack and did some cartwheels, we went into Piper's Vale and jumped into the foam pit.  All that was awesome.  We did an obstacle course and I bounced really high on the trampoline.  After that we went on to the parallel lines and walked forwards and backwards.  Then we had free time and that was really fun.
- Chloe