Exciting Writing at Chilton

Exciting Writing at Chilton

  • All children are given the opportunity to write in length once per week from year one onwards.
  • The time given for writing will be extended as the children become used to Exciting writing.
  • Exciting writing for younger children and children who are unable to participate fully in Exciting Writing may be based on talking through their plan, using the vocabulary, sentence openers and conjunctions.
  • Before the writing session children will be supported in planning their writing, a planning frame will be used. The planning frame will support the children in including the skills expected for their age range.
  • Each class will have a display showing suitable skills and vocabulary to include.
  • Children will be given in-depth feedback about their work and be given the chance to make improvements, this will alternate with the opportunity to write unaided at length.
  • Exciting Writing can be timetabled to take place on any day during the week.
  • Children will work in a separate book, which is only for Exciting Writing.
  • Children may use a special pencil, or pen.
  • During the writing stage quiet music may be played.



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