Empty Classroom Day

10th June 2016

On the 10th June Miss Yaroslaw (Science lead) organised empty classroom day. All classes were outside for all learning as much as possible- even assembly was outside! The day was a success, with lots of learning going on. In the afternoon we celebrated the Queens 90th birthday with a tea party.

Reception- Koalas

Koalas started their morning by making hats for the Queen’s tea party for out of natural materials. They followed this by a science investigation looking at mud consistency through a mud investigation.

“I liked putting sprinkles on my hat. We had flowers, leaves and daisies.” Ruby, Ava and Keeley.

Year 1- Panda

Pandas did a science investigation in the morning, looking at what snails like to eat. They followed this by writing about what snails eat and drawing them.

“I liked choosing snails, then feeding them.” Alfie.

Year 2- Giraffes

Giraffes investigated the best materials to make boats. When their boats were made, they tested them in water. It was discovered that plastic was the best material.

“I liked putting the boat in the water because I didn’t think mine would sink but it did.” Dalton.

They followed this by making hats for the Queens birthday out of natural materials.

Year 3- Leopards

Leopards learnt their maths outside by making shapes out of sticks and parallel lines. They followed this by making hats out of natural materials. They finally wrote their poems, ‘what I’d put in my outside box’ and shared them with each other.

“It’s been fun because we were in the playground. We learnt that parallel lines don’t meet.” Daniella.

Year 4- Lion

Lion started their day by making hats from willow.  They followed this by writing poems about the outside and following directions for maths.

“I liked making hats outside and rounding the willow.” Chanelle.

Year 5- Tiger

Tiger started the morning by making a fraction wall out of sticks. It really helped them to visualise fractions. They followed this by writing an outside poem using adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs. Finally they retold the story of the three little pigs. The children were allowed to choose where the best setting was for their story.