Egyptians at Chilton

23rd February 2015
Mark the Egyptologist provided us with an exciting day packed with facts, drama and games. Dressed as Egyptians we were all introduced to the land of Ancient Egypt. We were fascinated by the History of the Pharaohs and the Geography of the Nile and surrounding area.
After a fun packed morning we ventured into the hall and met Mark the ‘High Priest! ‘He was dressed in light coloured clothes that kept him cool in the hot Egyptian weather. We discovered that white clothing reflects the light and dark colours absorb it. The Egyptians seemed to be a very clever civilisation because they used white paint on their faces to reflect the sun and black eyeliner to stop sand from going into their eyes.
Later lots of us had roles to play in the society including a pharaoh who died. Because the pharaoh died the High Priest mummified him, by wrapping him in bandages. Did you know that before the Pharaohs were mummified they had their brains and internal organs removed! Ugh.
To round off our brilliant day we all played a hunting game, Mark divided us into two groups from the upper and lower parts of Ancient Egypt. We discovered that the Ancient Egyptians enjoyed hunting, so we all had to shoot the wooden animals using beans bags, all of us were enjoyed it and cheered with excitement. The lower Egyptians won the game and they were all extremely happy!
We decided that we had had a super day meeting Mark and we all enjoyed going back in time up to seven thousand years ago.