Duxford visit

22nd February 2016
Early on a chilly, bright wednesday morning, 24th February, the 'evacuees' clambered onto the coach, searching for friends to share the journey with. Not long after the coach joined the A14 the usual cry of 'Are we nearly there?' could be clearly heard! Along with... 'I feel sick!'
An hour later we arrived! Once we had sampled our homemade carrot cookies, and with renewed energy, we walked in crocodile to the School Room. The children were met by a rather formidable teacher who put them through their paces in handwriting skills and times tables!  'Elbows of the table gentlemen', ordered the teacher, no giggling here, especially with the teacher carrying a long cane!
A very nervous Patrick was asked to sound the air raid siren! Evacuees had 8 seconds to put on their gas masks and be ready to evacuate the building for the relative safety of the nearby air raid shelter. 
Later, an incendiary device was dealt with promptly and safely, using lengthy metal tools and a metal bucket!
A delicious packed lunch revived flagging feet and set us up for a visit to the various hangers and displays.
Wow, so much to see, read and digest! 
The Battle of Britain display was very interesting, including a german Messerschmitt plane and an Anderson shelter.
There was just time to visit a Prefab building and a Dig for Victory allotment, before tired Evacuees heaved themselves up  the coach steps and soon peace filled the air .... several children had dozed off on the hour long journey back to school!