Science Competition Autumn Term

18th December 2015
Science Competition Winter 2015: Design an animal that can survive the extreme cold.
This term, the first science competition was to design an animal that can survive the extreme cold.
There were numerous entries with brilliant designs. It made it very hard for Miss Yaroslaw to pick the winners! There were fluffy animals, different designs of birds and creatures made up with parts from lots of different animals.
Runners Up: Sean Magahy, KS2 Milly Payne, KS2 Alyssa Sheldrake, KS2 Sophie Cage, KS2 Keira Tomlinson, KS1
Winners: KS2: Jenna Rose Palmer with a Marmatheet Bear KS1: Rose Price with a Sonepnopeengsoocoep
Winners could choose from a variety of prizes. Jenna Rose chose a plane that always returns to you. Rose chose a Sky launcher which you shoot up into the sky and it flies back down with lights.
Runners up received a certificate and some sweets.
The winning entries are on display in the entrance hall, so make sure you have a look when you next come in! Other entries are displayed in the KS2 corridor.
Watch out for the next competition coming Easter 2016!