Celebrating Chilton's Sporting Successess 2014/15

20th July 2015
Sports Day
Chilton had yet another successful sports day with all children included in all events. The day started with a carousel of activities which the teams moved around to score points. This was followed by the traditional family picnic at lunchtime.
We then split into Key Stages to run a variety of different races including; individuals, hurdles, sack, egg and spoon, obstacles and team races.
The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves – their enthusiasm and determination to be the best they can be was amazing!
The final scores of the day:
Blue team 67 points / Yellow team 77 points / White team 78 points / Orange team 83 points / Black team 86 points.
In 3rd place with 89 points - Red team In 2nd place with 94 points - Grey/Silver team
The champions of the day in 1st place with 98 points - the Green team
Well done to all the children and staff for making this year’s sports day at Chilton such a successful and enjoyable day.
After School Club Sports Enthusiasts
During this academic year we have a number of children who have persevered in the After School Clubs sports.
They have all put in a lot of effort and have been recognised for their enthusiasm and commitment; staying at school to take part in these activities.
These children are:
Toby Sayer, Laura Karkoska, Megan Godbold, Ryan Fiske, Alyssa Sheldrake, Charlie Connell, Cerys Price, Sapphire Jarrold, Lacey Fitch, Chloe Bennington, Crystal Seaman and Alfie Wright.
Competitions supported by Sainsbury School Games
We would also like to acknowledge the children who have represented Chilton Primary School in various sports during the academic year in the following sporting teams:
Football, Tag Rugby, High 5, Tennis Gymnastics, Cricket and Quad Athletics These children were presented with a medal and certificate each for their determination, team work, skills and commitment to sports.