Bikeability Scheme - Panther Class

29th April 2015
Congratulations to the Year 5 children in Panther Class completing their Bikeability Course!
On Monday 27th April PCSO Harvey came to school and gave us some training on Bicycle Safety. He showed us how to do maintenance checks on our bicycles before we go out cycling, then set up a course on our playground to show us how to approach junctions, make a left turn, a right turn and overtake parked cars on our bikes. We spent the afternoon practising ‘safe start’ from a waiting position, and the ‘life saver’ look over our shoulders before setting off and making manoeuvres.
We made lots of progress during the afternoon and our confidence got better as we practised. Our biggest challenge came on Tuesday 28th April when we walked with our bikes to meet PCSOs David Harvey and Ben on Gainsborough Road to put into practise on the road all that we had learned the day before.
We started by demonstrating a left turn; we had to watch out for traffic, pedestrians, animals and parked cars AND remember our ‘life saver look’, clear signals and to stay a handlebar’s width away from the pavement! We then had to demonstrate a left turn followed by a right turn and overtake parked cars! It was hard work and it took a lot of concentration to get it right. We then had a circuit going along Gainsborough Road to demonstrate everything we had learned.
We have all become more confident whilst cycling out on the roads, we now know the correct way to signal and approach junctions, how to cycle properly, but most importantly how to stay safe, to be aware of the roads and quickly changing situations that we have to be aware of.