A trip to the Suffolk Country Fair

30th April 2015
Last Thursday 23rd April, Tiger class, Lion class and Leopard class went to the School Food and Farming Fair at Trinity Park. We went because we had a new topic called Food and Farming, so we went to see how food is made and where it comes from.
When we got off the coach we went to the big farm barn. The first animal that my group saw was a cow. She was 9 that day, so she’s as old as me. That cow had a baby calf and it was really, really cute. Next we saw some sheep, both had black little lambs each, they were so cute! One of the little lambs was all huddled up against its caring mum.
After a while we all wanted to see the chicks. I held one which was so wriggly, that I almost dropped it. After all the animals, we went to lunch. We were all crowded around watching the sheep dogs. Farmers have them to help them chase sheep but we watched them chase geese instead. Next there were gun dogs. It was lovely to watch them.
Then we went into a big tent. They were cooking sausages. They were so yummy that Tiger class nearly ate a whole tray! The people showed us how to make them. It was very gooey and sticky. Another stall was where you could make your own smoothie. Next we saw loads of huge machines.
I thought that the Food and Farming show was amazing. I learnt a lot and I recommend it to other schools. One of the things I learnt was that boy ducks don’t quack and girls do. By Poppy Nunn, Jenna-Rose Palmer, Svajunas Beniusus, Ryan Wilmot, Cerys Price.