Young Carers

Suffolk Young Carers
Young carers are those affected by, a family member who has a physical or mental illness or who has a problem with the misuse of drugs or alcohol, you are a young carer.
We want to help prevent children from missing out, because they are caring. The support we can give depends on individual needs. The Chilton Young Carers group is led by Mrs Bloomfiled and meets half termly and takes part in a range of activities including crafts and games.  
We believe that all children are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as any young person to relax, have fun and get help and support when they need it. We understand that some might not want to talk about their situation. Here are some tips from other young carers which might help you... Don't bottle your feelings up, tell somebody how you feel If you are struggling with your caring role, talk to an adult you trust Don't be afraid to ask for help The young carers we work with say 'The advisers are very friendly and give you useful advice and information that will make you feel more happy and confident when speaking to others. Plus its a great way to make new friends who are in the same situations as yourself. Its a great way to have a break from home'. It is important for you to know that you are not alone, there are lots of young carers and support is always available.
If you would like further information please ask to see Mrs Bloomfield.
Further information can be found in the Safeguarding policy