Physical Education


It is our intent that high quality PE lessons will have an impact on children’s current health and wellbeing and support them in a positive future. We aim to inspire children to maintain their physical fitness, as well as develop a passion for activity. We also intend, that through PE lessons, children can develop their self-confidence and ability to work with others.



The progressive PE scheme meets the National Curriculum requirements and supports the teaching of high quality PE. Children take part in weekly PE lessons using Get Set 4 PE. These lessons inspire children through a range of activities and skills, as well as using film clips to demonstrate particular techniques. These lessons are supplemented with a range of sports clubs, as well as a sports and wellbeing coach in Key Stage Two.



  • The PE curriculum ensures that pupils make clear progress upon their prior knowledge, understanding and skill development as they move through key stages
  • Pupils have highly developed transferable knowledge, skills and understanding of a wide range of sports and physical exercises
  • Children gain in fitness and confidence
  • Children have had the opportunity to compete and take part in sporting activities within the school and with other schools
  • Children have opportunities to take part in extracurricular sporting activities
  • Break times are active