Links with Live Well Suffolk

Stowmarket youngsters taught how to ‘Live Well’ thanks to sixth form link up A sixth form and a health organisation have united to help give additional exercise classes and nutritional advice to a group of young people in Stowmarket. The partnership is between Live Well Suffolk, One sixth form centre in Ipswich and Chilton Primary School in Stowmarket.
As part of the initiative, students from the sixth form will be working with Live Well Suffolk to educate pupils from the primary school about the importance of healthy living. The collaboration was set up by Mel Wakefield, who is a family support worker at Live Well Suffolk and also a sports teacher at One. She said: “We are working with Chilton Primary School for six weeks, offering extra activity clubs to help pupils learn more about the importance of healthy eating and fitness.
At the start of the project, we assess the fitness of all those involved and we then compare fitness levels at the end –it’s all designed to encourage healthy living. Mel added: “The One students have been amazing – they set up drills, oversee warm ups and help motivate the children. They have been really excellent role models and it’s a good experience for them that will help them when they begin their careers in industry.” Chloe Ward is 18 from Ipswich and is a One BTEC sports student. She said: “We’ve been organising circuit training sessions and the pupils at Chilton have been working really well. I want to go to University after One and become a PE teacher so this is a great experience that will add new skills to my CV.” Amy Yaroslaw is a teacher at Chilton Primary School. She added: “As part of our PE curriculum, the children have to do circuit training so Live Well Suffolk and One have been working with us on this and a few other projects. We do PE twice a week and it’s great to have some expert involvement – we have seen an improvement in fitness lessons every week. The students from One have been brilliant in getting our pupils engaged both individually and collectively.”