Curriculum - The school's approach



We, at Chilton Community Primary School, are preparing our children for the future. We aim to inspire, engage and nurture each individual; encouraging their curiosity in search for answers, inspiring them to try new things and build resilience when they 'can't do it yet'. We are preparing the next generation with a skill set to allow them to ‘Respect, Believe and Achieve’ in an ever-changing world and society.  We are continually building on positive relationships, friendships and happiness to give every child, the best opportunities to succeed, thrive and grow.


 Vocabulary and communication skills are at the core of our curriculum, allowing children to develop and discuss their growing knowledge. The teaching of English and maths skills are a main focus, to allow children to use these essential skills to access the in-depth knowledge of the wider curriculum. On-going assessment informs planning and ensures lessons are tailored to children’s needs. Skills and knowledge are revisited to ensure that children have greater understanding as they progress through the curriculum; accumulating, connecting to become life-long, curious learners.

Our thorough curriculum planning and selection of teaching resources seeks to broaden children’s cultural capital. This is through educational visits, experiences and learning from the local environment. We seek to broaden children’s cultural and social experiences and believe that our children should be tolerant, respectful and understanding of individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

 The school values ‘Respect, Believe, Achieve’ are woven throughout our school and form an expectation for pupils, staff and parents. Fostering positive relationships with families has been central to the success of our pupils in helping to build positive relationships and raise aspirations.

Our pupils enjoy their learning and are enthused by the knowledge they gain. They are motivated by memorable experiences in school, for example environmental issues as well as an extensive range of extra-curricular after school activities.


Our inclusive approach ensures that we are successful in preparing our pupils for the next stage of their learning journey, and pupils make excellent progress with us. However, we recognise that the curriculum has a greater impact than the numerical data demonstrates. At Chilton, children acquire the information, skills and attitudes needed to thrive in education but also the confidence and ability to succeed in and contribute positively to modern British society both now and in their adult lives.

 The impact of our practice is measured in a variety of ways, through internal and external monitoring. We work very closely with other schools, both within and outside of our Trust, to share good practice and use these experiences as part of our school development.

Detailed coverage of the National Curriculum can be found here

If you would like further information about the curriculum please contact Mrs Terry or Mrs Karkoska in the school office. 01449 612928